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McAdenville Wesleyan

To embody the mission of God in Christmastown, USA, McAdenville Wesleyan exists to discover Jesus together in the everyday. 

To be a positive, united, and transforming presence in our community as we all discover Jesus together. In our exploration, we are transformed as we both discover and embody the presence of Jesus.

"Together in Discovery, United in Community, Always with Jesus."

More than a catch phrase, this statement is the driving force behind what McAdenville Wesleyan does as a church.

What is a Wesleyan? Find out here.

Together in Discovery

Everyone has to start somewhere in their faith journey, but an environment of curiosity can spark wonder.


At McAdenville Wesleyan Church, we want people to experience the freedom to dig into who Jesus is and how everything He has done and said dictates what it looks like to be a Christian in the 21st century. 



Once you discover Jesus, it’s hard to stay the same! Following His example, we must allow what we know to lead where and how we grow! In other words: allowing discovery to lead to transformation.


We need transformation in order to experience “life to the fullest” that the Bible promises - this includes freedom from sin though the saving work of Jesus and the partnership of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we can love God and others more.


Always with Jesus

As we are walking in discovery and being transformed, we carry with us the person of Jesus into everything we do.


From our homes to our offices and places of work to our coffee shops and where we hang out, we are partners with Jesus, following His lead in His redemptive work in the world. 

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