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McAdenville Wesleyan CHurch

To embody the mission of God in Christmastown, USA, McAdenville Wesleyan Church exists to discover Jesus together in the everyday. 

What to Expect

Whether it's your first time or your 50th, it can be a daunting thing to step into a new-to-you church! 

Because we've all taken those "first steps," you'll find a comforting home of people just like you - whether you're comfortable in shorts and a graphics tee or dress to the nines. 

Worship services begin at 11 AM on Sunday mornings.


Biblically-rooted teaching that connects scripture to our modern context.

Theologically-based contemporary worship that celebrates our love for Jesus and the character of God through a multitude of stylistic genres. 



Interested? Watch and listen to one of our previous services to get a feel for who we are!

Meet our Pastor

We welcome the new pastor Josh Baker and his Wife Beth Baker. More information on them to come! 

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